Shake Down Trip to Arkansas

On Wednesday, September 27th, we departed for Catherine’s Landing RV Park.  We had several issues fixed, on our motorhome, from our previous trip in late May to our grand-daughter’s wedding in Cooperstown, New York.  The major fix was to our shower door.  It had come completely off it’s track and fallen into the shower twice since we bought it new last Fall.  Luckily it’s non-breakable material.  The dealership and Winnebago finally got a different design from the shower manufacturer directly.  This trip was to see if that was a permanent fix.

We arrived at Catherine’s Landing RV Park about 4pm.


Almost dead center in the picture is a tiny view of the front of our motorhome.  It’s the grey coach with the windshield.  Just in front of us is a large, probably 45′ motorhome with a very large custom trailer.  At the time I took this image, there were probably 3 or 4 similar units in our row.  They were part of a group having a rally that was scheduled for this weekend and next week.  The group was “Buses and Bikes”.  They had motorcycles, golf carts, and Mini-Coopers in their trailers.  By the time we left that Sunday, there were probably 10 or 12 similar setups.

Thursday we took a hike on one of the trails in the RV park.  The images below are from that hike.

Rental Boats

Rental boats

Tent Pad

Tent pad site

Picnic Table

Picnic table on trail

Mary by picnic table

Mary by that picnic table


Mary doing her Bigfoot imitation

On Friday we drove to Lake Catherine State Park.  We may stay there on our next trip.  It had more of a feel of nature, and it was cheaper with the same full hookups. (electric, water, sewer).  The following images are from that visit and hike.

Lake Catherine State Park

View of Lake Catherine from hiking trail in State Park

Mary posing

Mary doing here hiking pose.  We found her hiking stick at the beginning of the trail.

Gary Posing two

Me doing my hiking pose.  My hiking stick was a gift from my Uncle Jack, who I think made it in Arizona.  He and my Aunt Lois full timed for over 20 years in a small fifth wheel trailer.  The would winter in Arizona and visit family and friends in up state New York in the summer.

Mary Hiking

Mary continuing along the trail.

Mary Climbing

Mary making a steep climb.  One of many.

The hike covered about 4.5 miles and there was a lot up and down and walking over roots and rocks.  On Saturday, we rested.  Well, I took a brief walk around the park.

On Sunday, we took another walk on the trail in the RV park but didn’t walk the whole distance.  We did make another quick round in the park itself after the trail.  I took this image at the end of that stretch.

Campground two

There are many more “big” rigs in our row now. (on the left of the image)

On Sunday, we drove home.  P.S., the shower door problem seems to be fixed.