East Texas

Last week we traveled to Longview, Texas for 5 days to see our grandchildren participating in Football and band activities.  We stayed at the Fernbrook RV Park.  The image below is of our site.

Fernbrook RV site

While we were in the area we decided to check out Martin Creek Lake State Park.  They have hiking trails there and we decided on one that traversed an island.  This image is of a bridge onto the island.

Bridge to island

The next image is of one of the tent site near the shoreline.

Tent site on island

There was also a sandy beach but I’m not sure if the water was deep enough to swim or if you would want to.

Sandy beach on island

The only drawback to the location was a power plant on the lake.  I’m not sure if noise from the plant would be an issue.

Beach with power plant

I didn’t include any images of the grandkids activities because they took place at night and getting any usable pictures was too challenging.  Plus it was sooooo cold on Friday night that I would have had severe camera shake with any attempt to take a picture.

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